Mama Chekhov

Boss of sub-levels 12-15 of the Starr Suites building


Mama Chekhov’s physical appearance is fairly plain. A female dwarf of about 100 years old, her stature is solid and her expressions are keen. She wears plain, dark clothing, and keeps her hair braided. Her hair is light gray and she lets her sideburns grow to accentuate her dwarven ancestry. Her eyes are dark gray-blue.


The boss of sub-levels 14-17 of the Starr Suites building in the city of Rahm.

She’s been the active family boss for over 40 years, having taken over the family business from her late cousin Ned. She has a strong hold over her territory that’s reinforced by the loyalty of the residents of her levels.

There’s a longstanding rivalry between her family and the families of the floors above, and small skirmishes between Mama Chekhov’s soldiers and the other gangs are common. Because it’s difficult to travel between levels owned by different families without permission from the families that own both levels, most skirmishes are about moving supplies to and from the surface.

Mama Chekhov

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