Lil Scrotie

A floating pink ball that babbles


Lil Scrotie is a light fleshy pink, roughly spherical, and about 1 foot in diameter. It moves by hovering through the air a few feet off the ground. Lil Scrotie has one large, very expressive red eye.

Lil Scrotie has 10 small flaps in various locations on its body. These flaps move whenever Lil Scrotie makes noises. Each of these flaps vaguely resembles a small mouth with lots of tiny teeth arrayed around a central throat.

When Lil Scrotie is happy, it seems to purr and vibrate slightly.

Lil Scrotie seems to primarily communicate through a form of low-level telepathy. It’s unclear if it can also learn language.


Lil Scrotie was found in a sewer drain pipe, apparently having recently hatched from a soft shelled egg.

Lil Scrotie

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