Session Zero

Characters, setup, and world building

This should serve to get everyone up to speed who isn't already.

We had our first session on Friday, the 13th. It mostly just consisted of character and world building.

The Players

Dustin, an elf sorceror
Erin, a half-elf druid
Gavin, a dwarf cleric
Jason, a gnome artificer
Jayson, some manner of roguish type that I forgot to write down because I'm a terrible person

The Setup

Vlad, the head enforcer for the Chekhov crime family in the warrens of a large coastal city, has approached each of the player characters asking for a favor. Mama Chekhov's prized blunderbuss Nastya has gone missing after the family compound was raided by kobolds living in the nearby sewers.

The kobolds, not being very bright, seem to think that Mama Chekhov's power comes from Nastya, instead of from ruling with an iron fist. Naturally they'd want to steal this precious artifact from her.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you probably want to accept it because Vlad really likes to show people his knives) is to get into the sewers, track down the kobolds, and retrieve Nastya.

World Building

Aside from going over character sheets, I also asked everyone to come up with a person, place, and thing that their characters would have heard of. These would be in the form of rumors or fairytales, and the character probably shouldn't know whether they're true or not.

A couple of my personal favorites were:

  • An old man who meditates in a giant tree in Erevil, and who may be able to point visitors towards interesting objects
  • An untouched valley in the far north of Sensis that is said to contain ancient and terrible creatures (Like, dinosaur-type creatures. Oh yes.)

Next Session

The current plan is to have the first gameplay session on Wednesday, January 25th. I'll confirm that date with everyone before setting up a Facebook event.

Making Characters

The characters page currently has a few NPCs and PCs on it. If you are signed up for Obsidian Portal already, send me a friend request and I'll get you added to this campaign.

Members of the campaign are able to add and edit characters and wiki pages. If you feel there's something you want to add, something that needs correction, or something that needs to be expanded, go right ahead.


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