Session 5: Bluffs, Baths, and Blubbering Accountants


After accepting a job from Vlad, the Worms decided to make their way up to the surface. Ossa, hating technology and everything it stands for, elected to take the stairs with Lil Scrotie. Meanwhile Naris and Nikita, with a terrified accountant named Zlatan in tow, decided to investigate the elevator. The payment options not being to their liking, Naris and Nikita decided that wanton slaughter was the only option, and thus murdered the guards standing in front of the elevator.

Leaving a pile of corpses behind, Naris and Nikita made their way to the ground floor.

Meanwhile, nearby, Tulwar made a few terrible decisions in relation to disguise, and ended up running past the guards at the stairs. Making his way up to the surface, he bluffed his way into a bath house and had a much-needed soak.

Elsewhere, Toben explored a local university after having been directed there by a couple of friendly constables. With some quick thinking and a bit of logical reasoning, he managed to find the library as well as the dormitories, some clean clothing, and a few maps of the university and world in general. Taking some time from his busy day, he also scrounged together the components for a Cap of Water Breathing.

Finally meeting up with Tulwar at street level, Naris and Nikita (plus one terrified and shock-stricken accountant) realized that Ossa was nowhere to be found. As they looked around for their companion, a couple of very concerned-looking policemen seemed to be heading straight for them.

Experience and Rewards

For a variety of smart, fun, and generally interesting decisions, each of the party members received 400 xp.

Naris and Nikita each received 150 xp for killing the guards.

Additional xp was awarded to each of the party members for fun in-character decisions. Please check your character sheets.


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