Session 1: Into the Sewers


Naris made his way down to sub-basement 13 of the Starr Suites building. Once down there, he learned from some guards posted outside the stairwell that entry into Chekhov territory is free, but leaving costs a fee of 200 gp.

Naris followed some directions to get to the Chekhov compound where he met up with Nikita, Toben, and Tulwar. Shortly thereafter, a skinny, very sweaty looking man named Piero showed up, apparently there to also help with the same job. A large tabaxi known as M and a very short dragonborn named Asir showed up soon after, and everyone was ushered into the Chekhov compound by Vlad.

Vlad, calling the entire party "worms" because he didn't want to learn any names, explained that some shitty little kobolds had raided the compound recently, and stolen Mama Chekhov's prized Nastya. These shitty little kobolds made their way back to the sewers with the gun, managing to slip through the Chekhov guards' fingers. Vlad provided the Worms with a map of the sewers and told them that there would be a 200 gp per person reward for successfully retrieving Nastya.

The Worms made their way to the sewer gate and along the way, with a clever casting of the Friends spell, Naris convinced Piero that the guards at the stairwell needed him for something. Entering the sewers sans Piero, the party entered the sewers and tried to move quickly in case Piero was following close behind.

After turning on the pumps, the party encountered a Gelatinous Cube in a hallway nearby which was trying to consume M. M managed to escape, and she ran off with Asir in a panic. The Worms managed to defeat the Cube, with Nikita dealing the killing blow. From here, they pursued M and Asir, but weren't able to catch up.

Deciding to push on, the Worms heard a thunderous crack and eventually decided to toss Toben into a fast-flowing stream of sewage to investigate some sunlight at the end of a long tunnel, reasoning that the sound may have come from the same direction. With some rope tied around his waist as a safety measure, Toben made his way down the fast-flowing stream and saw a large room with sunlight streaming down into it.

Following another loud explosion, Toben caught sight of what looked like a limb flying through the air.

Experience and Rewards

For their troubles, the party received 162 xp.

Naris, providing a nice in-character moment getting rid of Piero, received an additional 50 xp.

Nikita, landing a spectacular killing blow on the Gelatinous Cube, received an additional 50 xp.


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