Kodama is almost entirely under rule by a dwarven dynasty that has existed for about 600 years. Its trade with other regions is fairly restricted, though its close proximity to Erevil has made for a booming black market along its western coastline.


Kodama Map


The three greatest dwarven houses in Kodama, and most of Overworld, are the Barkovs, the Petrushkhins, and the Yakushevs. These families control most of the land area of Kodama, and many dwarves living outside the continent still swear allegiance to one or another of these families. Squabbles and border disputes between these and other families of dwarves are nearly constant both in Kodama and in Overworld as a whole. Because of this constant squabbling, it's nearly impossible to draw consistent borders around the different families' territory because of how often it changes.

Kodama's culture is largely comparable to feudal Japan, though its names and accents are more closely comparable to Russian.

The architecture of Kodama has a distinctly Gothic flair, and most of the dwarven cities consist of sprawling, monumental buildings that exist mainly below ground.


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