With its almost completely homogenous population, Erevil is a continent almost without borders. The Elvish penchant for bureaucracy in all things has reduced the kingdoms of the region to symbolic constructs, and the continent may as well be considered a single large country.


Erevil Map


The three largest cities in the region, Ephris, Rahm, and Galrean, would probably be considered city-states, though separating them is an exercise in futility. Each region sports residents who claim they reside in one of the other areas, and not a single historical text agrees on any distinct borders. Additionally, nearly the entire coastline of Erevil is a single unbroken megalopolis that stretches far inland and connects directly to other cities. 

While the general lack of borders and smooth gradient between different regions does present some problems from a governance point of view, most suspect that the politicians of Erevil enjoy the challenge.

The general feel of Erevil is comparable to that of Victorian England. Most regions have vaguely British-sounding names, and the architecture often resembles the Romanesque structures of large cities in England.


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