The deserts of Overworld are numerous and varied. While much of Overworld consists of warm, fairly dry areas, the equatorial deserts are incredibly harsh environments in which few people can scrape out a living without tremendous infrastructure to aid them.


The Erevil deserts are the home of most drow living in Overworld. These nomadic elves live in the perpetual shadow of huge, crystal-dense hovering rocks which cast perpetual shadows on the drow camps. These floating rocks follow chaotic paths around the rocky deserts, and the drow follow them.


In the deserts of Sensis, merchant princes control most of the desert land and use it for harvesting crystals. These crystals are usually sold to foreign buyers for use in crystal engines used to support buildings and run heavy machinery.


Very little news of Kodama's deserts escapes the continent, but it's usually reported to be largely abandoned aside from some small settlements. As it's mostly a wide expanse of salty plains, it offers very little in the way of strategic value, so it often goes ignored by the warring clans.

The Southern Wastes

The south pole of Overworld is covered in a vast, cold desert. It's completely uninhabited, and its most temperate regions are still bitterly cold. Huge craggy mountains rise far above the sparse clouds here, and everything else seems to be an endless plain of gray gravel and slate.


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