Session 6: Ledgers, Letters, and Looming Shadows


With Naris, Nikita, and Tulwar reunited at street level, they decided to move quickly to avoid some policemen. After a bit of back-and-forth with the accountant, Zlatan, the Worms decided to take him to a nearby pub and get him absolutely hammered in an effort to loosen him up. Some clever persuasion, accomplished by Tulwar and Naris after several drinks and a well-timed Friends spell, led to Zlatan handing over his ledger.

Meanwhile, at the nearby College of Rahm, Quest sought to deliver a letter to the Dean of the Arts, Sir Edmund Courtland. Encountering a very curious and helpful gnome who introduced himself as said dean, Quest handed over the letter. Quest and the dean (actually Toben, in a clever and nigh-impenetrable disguise) sat on the steps to the administration building and read the letter:

To the desk of Sir Edmund Courtland
Dean of the Arts
College of Rahm

My dear Edmund,

These last weeks since our correspondence, the situation here at the monastery has taken a negative turn. In my last letter I described to you the earthquakes and strange lights in the sky, and I can only assume that these latest developments are related.

Over the last few weeks, stories reached the monastery from nearby settlements detailing raids by bandits riding in from the desert. These raids seem to always follow immediately after the tremors in the earth. As we do, the monastery has provided aid to the locals, but otherwise kept to ourselves.

Everything changed for us two nights ago when raiders struck our home. A short battle followed, and I can now say with deep regret that the raiders have struck a personal blow. My good friend and colleague Brother Velcus was slain by these savages before we were able to drive them away.

And so I send you this letter with a simple plea:

Please, using all your powers and connections in the local government of Rahm, send us help.

We are unequipped to deal with this menace, and would be forever grateful for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Yours in His holy embrace,

Abbot Garrett
Holy Monastery of Pelor

As they finished reading the letter, a distant rumbling sound and a large number of fleeing people brought their attention to what looked like a hovering crystalline mountain carving a path of destruction through distant buildings, and steadily getting closer to the College.

The Worms, now having thoroughly inebriated Zlatan the accountant and getting a little buzzed themselves, suddenly heard a commotion outside the pub. Exiting, they found that people were rushing away from a huge shadow being cast from just beyond some nearby skyscrapers. As they went to investigate, the Worms watched in shock as a mountain of greenish blue crystal, dirt, and rocks tore through a tall tenement building and demolished its upper stories.

Nikita, eager to help anyone who might be injured or in need of aid, rushed forward as huge chunks of rock and earth fell to the street around him, while chunks of crystal also broke off but hung in the air. Tulwar was hesitant to follow, but Naris ran to keep up. Running through the hail of falling debris, the Worms also started to see humanoid bodies falling from the hovering mountain and raining onto the street along with the debris.

As the Worms searched the rubble for survivors, the mountain slowly made its way above them and started to shear into a taller building across the street. Pulling a small child from some rubble, Nikita and Naris watched as one of the falling humanoid bodies landed squarely on a horseless carriage in front of them. It impacted with a resounding crash, and its scaly green skin was soon covered by more debris.

Watching this scene from a distance, Quest and “the dean” decided to mount Quest’s horse and ride north around the destruction. As they rode, the sound of huge chunks of rock impacting a skyscraper echoed across the campus and they could see half of the mountain separating and breaking off.

Experience and Rewards

Each of the players received 500xp.

For working together and making good in-character decisions, Quest, Toben, Tulwar each received an additional 50xp.

Tulwar currently holds the Accountant's Ledger.

Toben currently holds the Letter to the Dean.


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