Session 3: Escape From the Sewers


At the end of the fight with the kobolds, Nikita rushed forward to grab Nastya off of what looked like an altar. Seeing that he was going to get the prize, M and Asir immediately made a move to steal the gun, but were quickly subdued and disarmed by the rest of the Worms.

The group noticed shortly that the sewage level was rising, and elected to make a hasty getaway before drowning, thus leaving Toben to whatever fate he found in the drain. Pushing forward to the next room, Naris used his magical energy to start a large pump, halting the rising sewage as it was reaching waist level.

Moving along through a few other hallways and rooms, the group happened upon a drainage room with two open pipes. In one of these Ossa found Lil Scrotie, a strange hovering pink ball of flesh with one big red eye. The two took to each other immediately.

Working their way up a large spiral staircase, the Worms encountered a Mimic, though it was quickly subdued. In the commotion, M and Asir fled. Investigating the chest that the Mimic had been hiding inside, Tulwar found a pouch containing 23 gp.

After a short round of intimidation and flipping the bird at some kobolds, the Worms finally made their way out of the sewers. Upon reaching Mama Chekhov's compound, the Worms haggled with Vlad and convinced him to give them 1400 gp instead of the previously promised 200 gp per head.

Experience and Rewards

For retrieving Nastya, each of the party members received 500 xp, and the party received 1400 gp.

For killing the Mimic, each of the party members received 112 xp.

For a variety of exciting acts and general derring-do, Naris and Tulwar received 100 xp, Nikita received 150 xp, and Ossa received 200 xp.

Lil Scrotie has joined the party.


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