Session 2: Engaging the Kobolds


Picking up right where we left off in Session 1, the Worms were holding a rope tied around Toben's waist as he worked his way down a river of sewage. Watching in horror, Tulwar, Nikita, and Naris were helpless as a large pile of driftwood and other debris tore through the rope and separated Toben from them. Determined to not leave their friend to a nasty fate, they all jumped in the sewage and swam after Toben, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, at the entrance to sub-basement 13, Ossa encountered Piero arguing with some of Mama Chekhov's guards. After a brief exchange and a bit of haggling, Ossa and Piero made their way to the sewers in hopes of catching up with the rest of the Worms. Ossa's deep hatred for technology compelled her to destroy two large pumps, while Piero decided to forge ahead.

Now trying to stay afloat in the lukewarm river of sewage, Tulwar, Nikita, and Naris just managed to catch hold of a ledge and pull themselves up just before they would have been swallowed by a large drain. Immediately encountering a curious kobold, they kicked him into the water and engaged his numerous friends.

Ossa, having not kept track of Piero's location, lost him in a series of tunnels, and eventually decided to jump in the sewage flowing towards the sunlit room. After a brief struggle trying to stay afloat, she saw a rope flying to her from a friendly looking gnome. Pulled ashore by Tulwar to join the rest of the Worms, Ossa joined in the fight.

With their numbers bolstered, the Worms fought through a horde of kobolds, killed their leader, and found Nastya just as M and Asir made their way into the large drain room.

Experience and Rewards

As a whole, the party received 262 xp.

For a variety of exciting acts and general derring-do, Tulwar and Naris each received an additional 50xp.

Nikita currently holds Nastya and found a pile of mechanical bits and bobs that looks like it's worth about 200gp.


RIP Larry. We hardly knew thee.

Session 2: Engaging the Kobolds
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